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Get all the features of a bank account and more, without going in-branch, without a credit check, and without the risk of unexpected fees.

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Contactless card provided free with every U Account U Account mobile app on iOS or Android phone


Put spare cash straight into your account, any day of the week, at a convenient location near you. Just take your U card down to any of 29,000 participating UK stores.

Money Manager

Visual statements, spending categories and interactive graphs make it easy to track exactly where (and when) your money is going, so you can take back control of your budget.

Extra Accounts

Whether it’s setting cash aside or setting up direct debits for your bills, with their own unique account numbers and sort codes, Extra Accounts will help you get organised and keep your separate funds – separate.


Get your wages or benefits paid directly to your U Account, receive BACS and Faster Payments, make payments out, AND set up direct debits or standing orders. We’ve got all bases covered.

Contactless Card

You’ll receive a free contactless prepaid debit Mastercard® card as standard, so you can make purchases online or in-store in a jiffy.

Contactless card provided free with every U Account U Account mobile app on iOS or Android phone

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About bank accounts

A bank account is a place to store and manage your day-to-day money. It’s the destination for your wages, benefits or pension, and the departure point for your bill payments, everyday transactions and transfers. The all-too-brief stop-over on the journey of your hard-earned cash.

There are a few different types of bank account that you can get, but the most common are the current account (sometimes referred to as a ‘checking account’) and the basic account.

The main difference here is that current accounts, or checking accounts, often come with an obligatory overdraft facility, making it easy for you to keep spending even if you run out of dough – and usually for a hefty (and sometimes surprise) fee. That’s why they’re often referred to as 'free-if-in-credit', with a big emphasis on the 'if' there. What’s more, because the bank allows you to go overdrawn in the first place, you usually need a good credit score to get a current account.

Basic bank accounts, well they’re pretty much the same in every way, except they don’t offer this overdraft facility. The banks don’t like to advertise them very much of course, because they can’t charge you for an overdraft that you don’t have.

Here at U, we’re a little bit different. Our account isn’t a standard current account – no signs of any overdraft or penalty fees over here, no sir. But it’s also far, far from basic. And since we’re not a bank, we don’t like to call it a bank account at all really. Intrigued?

At U Account, we’ve created a bank account alternative packed with money-management tools, that offers three clear Price Points and not a single hidden fee in sight (or, well... hidden). Pick the payment structure that works best for YOU. And because there’s no overdraft, you can never go overdrawn.

Even better, we won’t perform a credit check when you apply. We think everyone has the right to a safe place to keep their money, and we believe everyone deserves access to the tools and services that will help them manage it. Open a bank account alternative with U, and you’ll get all the usual stuff you’d expect from the bank, like a contactless prepaid Mastercard® card and direct debits, as well as Extra Accounts and Money Manager thrown in for good measure, so you can budget better than ever.

It’s so much MORE than a bank account. It’s the account of the future.

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