How to save for Christmas 2019


How to save for Christmas 2019

Christmas will soon be upon us once more, and no matter what you’re planning, it always leaves a pretty big sting on your wallets. So we’ve rounded up 5 of our top tips on how to make your pennies go a little bit further this year, and a lot of it is going to be knowing when and where to be in the right place this year. From Black Friday 2019 all the way to where to buy the cheapest turkey, we will cover it all right here.

Grab a hot deal

Shopping for gifts in person has traditionally been a mad rush around a crowded shopping centre, and sorting out childcare for the little ones while you get their gifts, it all racks up in terms of petrol costs, too. So, what’s a good way to get around it other than tearing your hair out while on Amazon with a coffee at 2am? Easy. On the website, you will be able to track and find the best prices for everything from the latest TVs to cheap Yorkshire puddings. This can be especially useful when the hottest toy is sold out everywhere. You will be able to set up alerts for the item and be notified whenever a new deal is posted on the site. Don’t worry - this is all community-lead and isn’t being manipulated by big retailers looking to make a quick buck.

Take advantage of the supermarket deals

Getting prepared for all of the Christmas festivities can be expensive, but with Halloween over, you will start seeing all big supermarkets start to line their shelves up with all manner of Christmas goodies. From your standard everyday groceries to chocolates to give the neighbours, it’s likely that they will run multi-buy offers that give you even more for your money. The way that supermarkets make their money on these deals is something called a loss-leader, getting you into the shop with a brilliant deal, and relying on other products to make them money, so make sure you’ve got the shopping list ready and don’t buy that toaster that you’ve been needing all year just quite yet. (Read on for more on when to grab those much-needed appliances)

Stay inside on Black Friday

If you are looking at grabbing a larger present like a laptop, TV or game console, you will be hard-pressed to find a deal that’ll beat the prices you will see on Black Friday. When is Black Friday 2019? Mark the 29th of November in your calendars, as it’s likely that it will all kick off then. All good retailers should be participating in the festivities, but you will need to be quick as all of the best deals sell out rather quickly. It is worth keeping your eye on any of your preferred websites, as it’s likely that these deals will come and go in a blink, with many retailers holding back the best deals for later on in the day.

Homemade decorations

It can be incredibly easy to get sucked in and spend a fortune on Christmas decorations, but a great little touch that you will be able to employ is to make the majority of your decorations at home! Why pay a fiver for a pack of Christmas cards when you can just make them at home with a little bit of glitter, glue and some classic Blue Peter magic. You should be able to find guides awash on the internet with how to make things like your own wreath and cards. A great website to get inspiration from would be Pinterest, which will allow you to make a board of homemade Christmas Inspo for you to go from - so roll your sleeves up, and add a personal touch to your Christmas decorations this year.

Get cashback on online purchases

One way of making actual money back when spending online this year is to make use of services like Quidco and TopCashBack in order to get a percentage of your spend back in your account. Rates will vary from retailer to retailer, and if you are new, some of these cashback sites will often offer a great deal for you to take advantage of to get back a chunk of cash when you spend online. It is easy to get used to using a tool like this, and it is one of the best ways to make those bigger purchases sting a little bit less this year.