The Unbank of U


The Unbank of U

At the Unbank of U, we empower people who are not helped by banks to improve their financial well-being. Our modern approach to banking is easy to use. We provide customers with a fresh start to money management, budgeting, and building a credit history.

The Unbank of U is specifically designed to let you manage your finances without the need to ever set foot in a bank.

U Account

The U Account is an online account designed to help you do more with your money by budgeting effectively and avoiding any unnecessary overspend.

The U Account is:

  • Free to apply for
  • Has no hidden fees
  • Doesn’t offer any overdraft facilities

You can use it to buy stuff online or offline at shops with the free contactless Mastercard®  card that you will receive, set-up direct debits, make payments, get your salaries or benefits paid in, and view account statements. In addition to this, you also get some useful features that you may not find in your regular bank account.

Visual Statements

You can track your transactions using the visual statements and interactive graphs within your account. You can also review your spend by looking at the spending categories to understand where you can budget more effectively.

Mobile Apps

Our U Account Android and iOS apps are an easy way to manage your money on the go. Make payments, view transactions, manage your U card, read FAQs, and more!

Ability to lock your card temporarily

Your U card can be locked and unlocked on the go via the mobile app if you’ve misplaced it temporarily or want to avoid any unauthorised usage. You can also report your card as lost or damaged straight from your U Account app or through our website.

Extra Accounts

Extra Accounts are like money pots that you can use to manage your funds by keeping money aside for bills, holidays, or those unexpected expenses, each Extra Account has its own unique account number so you can choose to use them for Direct Debits, or just to put some extra money out of reach. Either way, Extra Accounts will help you get organised!

Budgeting Tools

There are a few free tools within your account to help you build up a bit of a cash buffer:

  • 365 Budgeting is a great way to set aside some cash without even noticing. It takes a penny from your main account on day one and puts it in a new account. On day two, it takes 2p, on day three, 3p, and so on. Over the course of a full year, you’ll set aside £667.95!
  • Overdraft buffer works like 365 Budgeting, but Overdraft Buffer takes £1 from your main account every day and puts it to one side, giving you up to £31 per month for those situations where you need it most.

Both of these tools are automated, meaning U Account takes care of them for you — all you need to do is activate them in your account, which takes just a few clicks.

Cashback U Points

You can earn up to 7.5% cashback reward points when you use your U card to shop with our high street retail partners. You can check the list of retailers on the U Points Page (You’ll need to login before you view the list). U Points, once confirmed, are converted to cashback and popped into an Extra Account for you. Each point is worth £1 in cashback.

Calls to help you get started

All our new customers are now offered a 15-minute Welcome to U call with one of our friendly Unbanking agents to help you set up the account and answer any questions you may have. A few days after your account has been opened, an email will be sent to book a call at a time that suits you.

Online support

Getting in touch with us is super easy - just hop on to our live chat through your account, send us a secure message through your account, drop us an email at [email protected], you can even reach us on Facebook messenger. You can stay updated with what’s new at U Account through our Facebook and Twitter page.

Account security

We have strong measures in place to make sure your money and personal details are kept safe from any misuse.

The money in your U Account is held in a secure bank account and we will never move, invest, or lend your money. It is solely used to service your U Account. Our trusted partner, Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd, is authorised by the FCA.

Who can apply for a U Account?

You can apply for a U Account if you’re at least 18 years old and live in the UK at an address we can verify. We’re here to offer you a fresh start, with all the tools you need to take control of your finances.

Is the U Account for me?

U Account would be a great solution for you if you want to:

  • Budget better using our in-account tools like Extra Accounts, Overdraft Buffer, and 365 Budgeting
  • Monitor your spending and avoid dipping into frequent overdrafts
  • If you have a poor credit history and cannot access a regular bank account
  • Don’t don’t prefer the services of a high street bank
  • Spend abroad without carrying a lot of cash
  • Just want to get organised and have a separate account for everyday spending

How to apply for a U Account?

It can take just a few minutes to open your account. All you need to do is fill in a short application form and then verify your email address. We can usually confirm your name and address automatically, in which case you’ll get your account number and sort code straight away.

If for some reason we need some extra details to confirm your identity, one of our team will get in touch as soon as possible to get your account opened for you.

If you’re an existing customer, you can simply login to get started.