unbiased opinions

Don't just take our word for it. Have a look at what some of our customers have to say about their experience of the UK's first unbank.

" What I love about U is that you cannot go overdrawn with their personal accounts, meaning there are no risks of extensive charges for going into the red by mistake. U's customer service is also second-to-none. They go above and beyond to help with customer queries and are brilliant at calling back instantly - something very few banks or financial organisations do today. "


" What struck me about U was the ease with which you can open a personal account. They have cut out the unnecessary bureaucracy that comes with opening accounts with other providers, and they don't bully you into signing up to unwanted financial products. I use the U website to book holidays and hire cars, which helps me build up U Savings Points, and as far as I know they charge far less than their competitors. "


" I'd rate 10/10, it's clear and makes budgeting easy, I know where stuff is and how much money I have left to spend. "


" Fantastic customer service, quick and efficient banking, simple and easy-to-use website. "


" It was really simple to open the account and it was so much better than my experience of opening an account with a bank. It's really useful that you can apply online and put your ID details in when you apply, so it saves time. Within a few days of applying my new Debit card had arrived. "


" I really like that money can be kept separate, it helps to plan bills, and the account is very easy to manage online. I also like that I can get cashback. "


" With U there are no ifs and buts, it's just black and white, you know where you are and how much it costs. "


" I absolutely love being a U customer. So much better than a bank! "


" I have found that budgeting, saving and paying bills so easy, and would say that the account has changed the way I think about money. I'd rate 10/10. The account does everything I want and the Jam Jars are innovative. U have thought about everything a customer wants. "