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Direct Debits

Contactless card

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Pricing for you, not them

They want to get you to borrow. We won't.

There's no charge for setting up an account, or for your U contactless Mastercard® Card, direct debits and Money Manager. YOU choose what else you want to pay for (such as Extra Accounts, ATMs and payments out) from our easy tariff, which you can change each month.

The U Card is a prepaid debit Mastercard®

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Budget Control

Extra Accounts

Get extra accounts, with their own sort codes and account numbers

You'll no longer have to worry about overdraft charges. Set money safely aside, and avoid spending it accidentally. Create an Extra Account for whatever suits YOU (bills, birthdays, or a rainy day), then set up direct debits and standing orders to make sure you stay ahead.

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Money Manager

Money Manager

Track money in and out with a money manager especially for you

Now you can see exactly where your money is going, with monthly statements, an interactive graph and a list of categories. YOU can easily track what you're spending (and when); giving you a better understanding of your budget and more control over your money.

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Fair For Everyone

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Unbanking is about being fair. Anyone can apply, regardless of wealth or credit record. You'll need to prove your identity, that's all. Our simple online application lets you have an account opened in minutes. We don't discriminate; everyone pays the same (for what YOU use, not what others use).

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U is the future


A fresh modern approach to product and service

You'll never need to use a bank again. This is just the start of the unbanking journey, with more innovation and new ideas coming, to make controlling your money simple, modern and digital. U technology will allow us to plug in other providers' financial services very soon.

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